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Notice In Transit of Kathon

Because kathon is a kind of green auxiliaries product, it has high efficiency of sterilization, mildew prevention, antiseptic effect. It has been used in the field of coating, adhesive, textile & fiber, leather, papermaking, feed, oil refining, power generation, green pesticides and daily chemical industries. It could not only improves the quality of products, but also reduces the cost, greatly lengthens the shelf life of products, as well as the continuous utilization of water resources for recycling and water use.

Therefore, many comapanies, especially those with large "water consumption", will use a large number of Kathon, but there are several notices in the process of transportation:

1. Kathon should not be directly contacted with the skin, eyes and mucous membrane when transit and using. Pls immediately wash with plenty of water and soap once in contact with the skin and eyes, without delay.

2. Suggestion under the condition of PH 2-9, temperature 50 ℃, add the Kathon preservatives and mix well with the material. The actual amount of additive depends on the situation of product contamination by microorganism.

3. Dl-A Kathon should not be contacted with reducing metals during transit, storage and use, such as metal iron and aluminum, in order to avoid product decomposition.

Safety is no small matter, always remind ourselves.


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