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The future direction of fungicides

Modern society is developing faster and faster, and the speed of scientific and technological progress is more and more than our imagination. Therefore, the development of a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, low-toxicity, cost-effective, environmentally friendly fungicide for cooling water is an inevitable trend in the future. Correctly solving the contradiction between environmental safety and killing effect is a challenge in the field of fungicides.

From the current characteristics of the international market, it is to continue to move away from chlorine and chlorinated products to safer alternative products. The regulation of chlorine is opening the door to other oxidizing biocides such as bromine, ozone, chlorine dioxide and hydrogen peroxide.

1 The diversity of micro-bovine species in the cooling water system determines the diversity of biocide species. In this respect, the gap between China and foreign countries is obvious. There are not many types in the international market that can be produced in China. Even those that can produce such as quaternary ammonium salts and organic sulfur compounds are relatively single.

2 Strengthen basic theoretical research and raise awareness of innovation. With the transition of the alkaline treatment scheme for cooling water treatment and the enhancement of people's environmental awareness, some traditions have been challenged.

3 improve our application level. Based on the existing fungicide varieties, develop compound products to maximize the potential of existing varieties.

4 Develop targeted special effects biocide varieties.


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