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Method for preventing mildew and spoilage of latex paint

After understanding the cause of mildew and spoilage of latex paint, it is easy to find a way to prevent it.

1. The ideal production environment

The production workshop should be spacious, bright, ventilated and breathable. During the rainy season, the humidity in the workshop should be minimized and cleaned frequently. In a word: try to reduce the living conditions of bacteria and try to inhiBIT the growth rate of bacteria.


2, the ideal raw material

Strict inspection and acceptance of raw materials must be carried out. It is particularly important that the production workers must be careful and careful in accumulating production experience, and intuitively identify whether the quality of the raw materials has changed during the storage process, and immediately report the abnormality.


3. Production process

In order to make the anti-mold preservative produce the maximum antibacterial and bactericidal effects. To add it to the pre-dosing period, make sure it is evenly dispersed in the latex paint. In areas and seasons where temperature is high and humidity is high, the amount of mildew and preservatives should be appropriately increased. In high temperature, high humidity areas and seasons, after the end of daily production, the parts that come into contact with the air such as containers, equipment, pipes, etc. should be cleaned up. In order to prevent mold and bacteria from multiplying in the inner wall of pipelines and equipment, especially for equipment and pipelines that are not used for a long time, it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning before use.


3Q-301, 302 is a series of anti-corrosion and antiseptic agents launched by our company. Its sterilization effect is more broad-spectrum, high-efficiency and long-lasting. It is especially suitable for all kinds of latex paints, various water-based paints, water-based pigments, polymer emulsions, etc. Anti-corrosion and sterilization, through a large number of evaluation experiments and user's practical application, it has excellent anti-mildew effect on acrylic acid, polyvinyl acetate, polystyrene butyl ester and other copolymers. It is the ideal water-based paint and paint can inner defense to be mildew.


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