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Treatment measures for the mildew of wood products

China is a typical exporting country. In terms of wood, it includes wooden doors, wooden furniture, wooden floors, wooden toys, wooden handicrafts, etc. The auxiliary wood products are wooden pallets and wooden packaging (more applications, most mechanical products, electrical and electronic products, etc. All need), container wood floor and so on. Every year, hundreds of wood products and timber companies cause huge losses due to moldy discoloration or rot of wood. The molds of the products cause foreign customers to return goods, and the packaging is moldy, which leads to rejection by foreign customers or economic compensation and mold. Losing its economic value, etc., is innumerable.

The main treatment methods are:

Drying: This method can solve most problems. The wood used in China can achieve the purpose through this method, but special applications such as sealed packaging, high humidity in the warehouse, and hot and humid environment at sea when exporting, etc. It is.

Fumigation: This method is mainly for insecticides on wooden packaging for export, and the validity period is relatively short. Many friends mistakenly think that it is mildewproof. In fact, it has no effect on the prevention and control of mold.

Heat treatment: There must be special equipment, and the treatment cost is high, which can reduce the moisture content in the wood, but can not solve the fundamental problem.

Anti-corrosion: This method is mainly for the landscape wood or furniture wood treatment for outdoor applications. The method uses vacuum high pressure to drive the syrup into the wood. Generally, the penetration is relatively thick, mainly to prevent bacteria and bacteria, etc., but its effect on mold Not so good, often see the landscape wood moldy everywhere.


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