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The knowledge of Wood preservative

The anti-corrosion performance of the anti-corrosion wood is penetrated into the wood by the high-pressure of the preservative to achieve the anti-corrosion effect, so that the service life of the wood can be extended by 5 to 10 times. At present, there are two kinds of antiseptic agents used for anti-corrosion wood at home and abroad.


CCA wood preservative


CCA wood preservative is one of the world's most effective and widely used water-soluble preservatives. It is composed of copper, chromium and arsenic compounds. Wood treated with CCA preservative can prolong the service life even under harsh environment. More than 10 times.


Performance characteristics: It is a brownish concentrated liquid, soluble in water, highly effective against fungi and insect ants, low in toxicity to humans and animals, strong in penetration to wood and strong in resistance to loss. The surface of the wood treated with this agent is light green, does not affect the paint, does not reduce the strength of the wood, does not reduce the insulation of the wood, slightly increases the hardness, and enhances the flame retardancy of the wood.


ACQ wood preservative


In recent years, another kind of anti-corrosion treatment method ACQ has emerged to gradually replace CCA and become the mainstream of the market. The main chemical component of ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quaternary) is an alkyl copper ammonium compound. It does not contain toxic chemicals such as arsenic and chromium, and has no adverse effects on the environment, and will not cause harm to humans, animals, fish and plants.


ACQ is mainly a water-soluble preservative composed of copper and DDAC (quaternary ammonium salt). It can be widely used in house construction, mining wood, horticultural wood products, docks, bridges, poles, wood. Fences, retaining walls, grape racks, etc.


Treating wood with ACQ and people using ACQ treated wood products is very safe and harmless to the environment. Another feature of ACQ is its good resistance to bleed. The ACQ treated wood can last up to 10 times longer than ordinary untreated materials.


Used in various construction, mining, marine, sea pile, electric pole, wooden pillow, furniture, wood cooling tower, fence wood, plywood, wood decoration materials, wooden structure houses and other wood.


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