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Ceramic ink preservative has the characteristics

In the ceramic production process, inks, glazes, etc., which contain carboxymethyl cellulose and dextrin, are easily fermented and rotted, which is more serious in summer, which leads to a decrease in the performance of the slurry and glaze. . Therefore, you will choose to use ceramic ink preservatives.

The ceramic ink preservative adopts advanced foreign formula and synthetic technology, and is a new generation of ceramic slurry antiseptic antibacterial compound composed of polymer antibiotics, dispersants and stabilizers. It can effectively kill various bacteria, fungi, molds, etc., and overcome the harm of slurry, glaze, such as viscosity reduction, spoilage, mold, and odor. The ceramic ink preservative has the following characteristics: strong bactericidal power, long antibacterial time, and no resistance to long-term use; low price, low dosage, non-toxic, colorless, odorless, no irritation to the skin; high temperature resistance, suitable Wide range; non-corrosive to metal, soluble in water, no foaming, no pollution to the environment. Many advantages are combined in one, the best additive in ceramic printing oil is non-ceramic printing oil preservative.


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