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Four precautions when using industrial anti-mold agents

Industrial anti-fungal agent is an industrial agent with strong inhiBITion and killing effect on bacteria, fungi and algae. Industrial anti-fungal agent can effectively maintain the quality of objects and prolong the service life. It is widely used in modern leather and wood. , paint and other industries. So what are the general points of use when using industrial mildew inhiBITors?

As an industrial agent, industrial anti-mold agent will inevitably have certain harm to people. Therefore, in the process of use, try to avoid contact between skin and anti-mold agent, and try to bring rubber gloves in the production process; Process, must bring a good mask or anti-virus mask, if you accidentally breathe the anti-mold agent spray should immediately go to the air fresh outdoor; if you drink it, you should drink milk and then go to the doctor immediately; contact with the skin should be washed with soapy water.

There are also some precautions in the use of industrial anti-mold agents. Here is a brief introduction to four points.

1. Industrial anti-mold agent aqueous solution generally has an automatic drug effect weakening with time, because the bacteria in the water will continue to consume anti-fungal agents, so generally do not have too much to do at one time, how much to use, basically in a few Used within days.

2. The water temperature should be suitable. The general tap water can be used at room temperature without special heating. The anti-fungal agent will gradually weaken the effect when the temperature exceeds 80 degrees.

3. Try to do mildew treatment when the weather is good on sunny days, so that the surface of the object is easy to dry, which is also beneficial to the surface absorption of the object. Especially don't use it on rainy days.

4. Do not add anti-mold agent to strong acid or strong alkali or strong oxidizing liquid, otherwise the effect will be weakened and the pH is suitable at 5-10.

Do the above four points. When using industrial anti-fungal agents, wear protective equipment as required to ensure the quality of production and to ensure your own health.


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