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The Characters of Wood Preservatives.


Wood preservatives are chemical agents that, when injected into wood by some means, can enhance the resistance of wood to bacterial rot, insect damage, and marine borehole erosion.

Why do we use wood preservatives in our lives? Because wood is a natural organic material with obvious biological properties, it is easily attacked by bacteria, insects, marine borers and other organisms. Before use, according to different application environments, the use of appropriate preservatives and proper treatment can effectively delay the decay of wood. Let's take a closer look at the relevant introduction of wood preservatives.

Wood preservative performance characteristics

(1) High toxicity: The effectiveness of wood preservatives is mainly determined by their toxicity to harmful organisms. The greater the biological toxicity to the wood, the stronger the antiseptic effect. Under normal circumstances, the wood should be added with other agents, one is to prevent corrosion, and can enhance the rigidity, strength and durability of the wood.

(2) Persistence and stability: Wood preservatives should have relatively stable chemical properties. After injecting wood, it is not volatile, is not easy to lose, and maintains the toxicity it should last.

(3) Strong penetrability: Wood preservatives must easily penetrate into the interior of the wood and have a certain depth of input.

(4) High safety: Wood preservatives should be highly toxic to various fungi that endanger wood, but at the same time it should be low or non-toxic to humans and animals, and will not cause pollution or damage to the environment. With people's concern for the environment and sustainable development, efficient and environmentally friendly compound wood preservatives have received due attention, such as Shanghai Omer's ISU30, ISU40.

(5) Low corrosivity: Preservatives should be less corrosive to various metals, and ideal for neutrality.

(6) Harmful damage to wood: After the wood is treated with anti-corrosion treatment, the mechanical strength, good texture and pleasant color of the wood should not affect its use.


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