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The Effects on microbial growth

In the process of production, the process of changing the microbial group and the deterioration of the food is also different due to the different conditions of the gas contained in the environment in contact with the product. Microorganisms related to products and which must be grown in an aerobic environment are: mold, membrane-producing yeast, Acetobacter, Achromobacter, Brevibacterium, Bacillus Most of the species in the genus Aspergillus and Pediococcus. Microorganisms that can grow with only a small amount of oxygen are: Lactobacillus and Streptococcus.


Microorganisms that can grow in both aerobic and anoxic environments: most yeasts, Staphylococcus, Escherichia, Proteus, Salmonella, etc. And some strains in the genus Bacillus. In the environment of hypoxia, the microorganisms that can grow are: Clostridium, Bacteroides, and the like.


For example, in the meat food, Bacillus subtilis grows with the growth of Clostridium spp.; in the dairy product, there is growth of the bacteria in the gut bacteria accompanied by the growth of lactic acid bacteria. Many species of various taxa are inconsistent to the extent of aerobic or anaerobic conditions. In the case of mold, many different molds must grow in an aerobic environment, but the amount of oxygen required for various molds varies greatly.


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