Kathon preservatives are also very suitable for the sterilization and antiseptic of industrial circulating water systems, and have strong inhibition and elimination effects on common bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and algae. Moreover, the sterilization efficiency is relatively high, the degradability is relatively good, and no residue is generated, the operation is safe, and the use cost is relatively low. It is suitable for sterilization and anti-corrosion treatment of paper pulping, textile printing and dyeing, metallurgical chemical and other fields.

And with the development of industrial fungicides, it is divided into several sterilization series, mainly including bactericides, viricides, anti-fungal agents and algicides. Users can choose according to their own needs. Moreover, the use of Carson preservatives is also relatively extensive, and it is mainly used to effectively prevent the birth of microorganisms, thereby avoiding huge losses.

Kathon preservatives are used in various fields of industry and agriculture to control microbes. Its main components are formaldehyde-free, halogen, phenol, heavy metals, etc. The stability is better when stored, the half-life of the agent is relatively long, the pH value is almost neutral, and there is no PH impact effect. When applied, Carson preservatives have a relatively small amount of use, and the antifungal agent has high bactericidal and algae-killing properties. The compatibility is relatively high, and it is not affected by negative ionicity. It is better to use under slightly acidic conditions.

It can be seen that the sterilization and antiseptic function of the Carson preservative is very powerful, and its compatibility is also very good, which determines that its application range is very wide.

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