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Industrial Water Treatment

  • 3Q-101 Bactericidal algicide
3Q-101 Bactericidal algicide

3Q-101 Bactericidal algicide

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  • Product description: Bactericidal algicide

3Q-101 Bactericidal algicide

  • Product Overview

This product is a Kathon Biocide compound product, Used in circulating cooling water,Also used in air conditioning systems, reservoirs, and any industrial water to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria,The product has a broad-spectrum bactericidal action, which can inhiBIT bacteria, fungi and molds at the same time without drug resistance. The use cost is lower than the general market fungicides, and the use is simple; It has an excellent physical and chemical compatibility.can be used as a bactericide in industrial water treatment and can work with chlorine, corrosion inhiBITors, scale inhiBITors, dispersants and most anionic, cationic and non-ionic surfactants at normal concentrations. Achieve physical miscibility, It can effectively inhiBIT the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae in cooling water, which is unmatched by other pharmaceutical agents. Wide range of pH values, although isothiazolone is acidic, but it is suitable for a wide range of PH values, even under alkaline conditions can maintain high stability; can be naturally degraded into non-toxic substances, not Causes environmental pollution. Used as a biocide and microbial inhiBITor in circulating cooling water systems. Also used in air conditioning systems, reservoirs, and any industrial water to prevent the growth of algae and bacteria.

  • Technical index:


Standard value


Light green or light yellow  liquid

Content of Active Substance (%)


PH value


Density (20g/cm3)


  • Instructions

Add this product directly to the material. The dosage should be determined by seasonal, environmental, water and other factors, dosage 80 ~ 200ppm, one-time impact dosing is also affected by the degree of dip of different microorganisms.

  • Packing & storage:

25KG or 200KG Plastic barrel, To be stored in a ventilated and dark place avoid sunshine.Storage Temperature under 40℃ ,Storage period: 12 Months

  • Notice for Safety performance

Strong Irritating to the skin, pay attention to safety protection.wear protective clothing ,rubber glove, eyeshade and mask. Avoid touch skin, eyes and mucous membrane directly. During the storage, keep the products from Reducing metal (such as Metal, aluminum Etc) and oxidant and reducer.

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