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Leather Industry

  • 3Q-303 mildew preventive for Leather
3Q-303 mildew preventive for Leather

3Q-303 mildew preventive for Leather

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  • Product description: Mildew preventive for Leather

3Q-303 mildew preventive for Leather

  • Product Overview

This product is a compound broad-spectrum bactericidal antiseptic that is produced by our company. It consists of several highly effective fungicides and can kill bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Mainly used in bactericidal and antiseptic applications in the leather production process to protect the leather from bacterial and mold infestation, resulting in material loss

  • Technical index:


Typical value


Light yellow liquid

Content of active substance %


Density(20) 1.04 g/ml


Ph value


Chlorine ratio


  • Application

In the leather industry, this product can be used as a sterilizer when fresh skin is immersed in water or as a bactericide when pickling hides, and it can also be used as a preservative in cans for leather products.

Add this product directly to the material. The dosage should be determined by seasonal, environmental, water and other factors, dosage 80 ~ 200ppm, one-time impact dosing is also affected by the degree of dip of different microorganisms.

  • Instruction

1. When the product is used as a preservative for leather products, it is suitable to be added in the last process. The amount added is 0.1%-0.5% of the total mass.

2. If the product is used as a bactericide when fresh skin is immersed in water or when raw hides are pickled, the general concentration is 0.1-1.0% (w/w).

Toxicity index: Acute oral toxicity: LD50 > 2800 mg/Kg (rat)

Acute skin toxicity: LD50 >4000 mg/Kg (rabBIT)

  • Packing & storage:

25KG or 250KG Closed plastic bucket packaging

Non-dangerous goods, protected from light at room temperature, no more than 25°C, sealed moisture-proof storage period for 12 months

  • Notice for Safety performance

(1) Wear protective clothing, rubber gloves, masks, and goggles. Avoid contact with skin. Once in contact with skin, rinse immediately with plenty of water. If you are in serious condition, seek medical treatment immediately and do not delay.

(2) The product should not be in contact with reducing metals such as iron and aluminum during storage so as not to cause decomposition of the product.

(3) This product has poor stability in alkaline media with pH > 9.0 and should not be used. The compatibility of a highly nucleophilic chemical with this product, such as S- and R-NH2, will cause the quality of the product to decline or even completely fail.

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