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  • 3Q-304 Adhesives & Mildew Preventive
3Q-304 Adhesives & Mildew Preventive

3Q-304 Adhesives & Mildew Preventive

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  • Product description: Adhesives & Mildew Preventive

3Q-304 Adhesives & Mildew Preventive

  • Product Overview

3Q-304 Adhesive Fungicide is a low-toxicity, high-efficiency, broad-spectrum fungicide, which has a strong ability to kill mold, a wide range of activity, has a sustained-release effect, and extends the product's anti-corrosion and anti-mildew effect. The anti-mold effect is obviously better than the traditional anti-mold agent. It is the replacement product of the traditional anti-mold agent and can achieve the ideal anti-mold effect.

This product is a broad-spectrum bactericidal antiseptic. The main ingredient is an isothiazolinone compound that protects industrial products from the attack of bacteria, yeasts, and fungi. This product does not contain formaldehyde and formaldehyde donors.it's a kind of biocide chemical formula

  • Quality Standard:

Ingredients: Isothiazolinone Compounds
Appearance: Yellow transparent liquid
PH value: 8.0-13.5 8.0-13.5
Freezing point: -5°C
Relative density (25°C): 1.03 g/ml -1.08 g/ml
PH use range: 4-12
Less than 100°C

  • Instruction

This product can be added in any process.

1. The general use concentration of adhesive products is 0.5%-2% (w/w).

2.coating agents, degreasing agents, fatliquors and other leather products generally use the concentration of 0.05% -2%.

  • Safety : Acute oral and semi-lethal dose LD50> 2200 mg in rats.

  • Packing & storage:

25 kg or 250kg Closed plastic bucket packaging

Non-dangerous goods, protected from light at room temperature, no more than 25°C, sealed moisture-proof storage period for 12 months

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