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  • 3Q-702 Jet fuel Fungicide
3Q-702 Jet fuel Fungicide

3Q-702 Jet fuel Fungicide

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  • Product description: Jet fuel Fungicide

3Q-702 Jet fuel Fungicide

  • Product Overview

With the rapid development of the transportation industry such as aviation, automobile and shipbuilding, The more fuel is being used. The greater the damage caused by microbial contamination, the 3Q-702 Jet fuel Fungicide can solve the problems caused by the occurrence of microbial contamination in aircraft fuel.

For aircraft fuel, moisture is the source of pollution. The fuel itself contains a small amount of free water. When the storage tank is cleaned, the tank port is not sealed tightly or the cleaning water is not completely dried, thus introducing natural water and residual water. A sharp change in temperature. The temperature difference between daytime and nighttime when the aircraft is parked at the airport is greater. The temperature difference between the high altitude and the ground during a large flight will cause condensation, resulting in condensation in the aircraft tank. The micro-organisms have a living space due to microbial metabolites and microorganisms themselves causing corrosion to the aircraft fuel tank and blockage of the oil pipeline. Microorganisms are very easy to survive in the presence of water and kerosene rich in carbon sources, resulting in a lot of metabolites, and most of the metabolites are low carbon chain fatty acids, common acetic acid, acetic acid will be aircraft fuel tanks, pipelines and other materials, Huge corrosion, even lead to leaking oil through the hole. In order to prevent and control microbial contamination, the addition of our 3Q-702 fuel bactericide plays a very important role.

  • Technical index




Colorless or Light yellow liquid



Density (@20'C)g/cm³


CIT to MIT ratio




  • Characteristic

1)Broad-spectrum, long-lasting killing of various bacteria, fungi and yeasts with low dosage.

2) a wide range of applicable pH, both antibacterial, sterilization double effect.

3) with oil, water-miscible, easy to operate.

4) Preservatives have low toxicity and are completely harmless.

5) There will be no residual emissions and no cumulative pollution will be caused to the environment.

6) bactericidal and antibacterial, multi-mildew effect, fast and long-lasting advantages.

7) 3Q-702 fungicide, specifically for aviation diesel, kerosene anti-corrosion agent.

  • Storage

The shelf life of 3Q-702 aviation kerosene sterilizer is 12 months under conditions of light protection, sealing and normal temperature.

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