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  • 3Q-508 Industrial Anti-Mold Agent
3Q-508 Industrial Anti-Mold Agent

3Q-508 Industrial Anti-Mold Agent

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  • Product description: Industrial Anti-Mold Agent

3Q-508 Industrial Anti-Mold Agent

  • Product Overview

3Q-508 industrial anti-mold agent is a low toxicity, high efficiency, broad-spectrum anti-mold agent, has a strong ability to kill mold, a wide range of activities, with a sustained release effect, extend the product anti-corrosion anti-mildew effect, anti- The mildew effect is obviously better than the traditional anti-mold agent. It is the replacement product of the traditional anti-mold agent and can achieve the ideal anti-mold effect.

This product can be used as additives, can be widely used in coatings, plastics, polyurethane, wood products and other products to prevent the production of industrial products in the process of mildew, and has a product anti-mold effect. This product can be added at any stage of industrial production, but in order to ensure the best dispersion effect, it is recommended to join the production process in advance. The recommended amount is 0.1 to 0.6%, and the amount to be added depends on the performance of the industrial product and the use environment.

  • Technical index:


Typical value


light yellow or colorless liquid

Solubility: soluble in


Active content:


  • Packing & storage:

Packed in 25kg barrels, stored in dark and ventilated place. Storage temperature is below 40°C and storage period is 12 months.

  • Precautions

This product is Class II corrosive chemicals. Wear protective glasses and anti-acid gloves when using. Once in contact with the skin, rinse with plenty of water.

This product is suitable for use in media with PH=2-9.

This product should avoid the addition of sulphide, can not contact with the oxidation, reducing substances.

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