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  • 3Q-622 OIT-45 Wood/Shoe polish/Leather Preservative
3Q-622 OIT-45 Wood/Shoe polish/Leather Preservative

3Q-622 OIT-45 Wood/Shoe polish/Leather Preservative

  • Leather Preservative
  • OIT - 45
  • Molecular formula :C11H19NOS
  • CAS : 26530-20-1
  • Product description: OIT-45 Wood/Shoe polish/Leather Preservative

3Q-622 OIT-45

  • Description:

OIT is a kind of Oil soluble Bactericide and preservatives, suitable for wood,shoe cream and leathers.

Item No.:

3Q-622 OIT-45 Wood/Shoe polish/Leather Preservative

Chemical Name

2-Octyl-3(2H)-isothiazolone; 2-Octyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one; Octyl-3(2H)-isothiazolone; Kathon 893



Molecular formula


Molecular weight


  • Technical Index:


Pale brown liquid

Content of active substance %


Ph value


Density(25℃) g/cm3


  • Features:

1. Broad-spectrum sterilization,with good inhiBITing capacity towards bacteria,mould,Fungus and ferment.

2. Lox toxicity,long lasting effect: Free of formaldehyde,No smell.

3.Strong Bactericidal power:with strong capability of killing moulds, effect is obvious than the traditional Fungicide,is a kind of proper replacement of traditional film Fungicide.

4. No impact to environment. The products can be degrade naturally to Non-toxic substance,will not cause pollution to environment.

  • Application:

Widely used in Paint、inks、lubricant、shoes cream、leather chemical、wood product and cultural relic protection etc.


Avoid any contact with the skin. Wear protective clothes, goggles, and rubber gloves in operation. Once touch, will be sensitive to skin.Irritating to the skin and eyes.

  • Remarks:

When the final products content is lower than 1.79%, don’t need special tagging,once above 1.79% ,please consult with factory technique lab.

  • Toxicity:

Acute oral toxicity,LD 50:5,000ml/Kgs(Male Rat)

Acute oral toxicity,LD 50:3,300ml/Kgs(Femal Rat)

Acute oral toxicity,LD 50:3,800ml/Kgs(RabBIT

  • Packaging

25Kgs/200 Kgs drum

Storage and Transportation

With a shelf time of one year when stored at room temperature in a dark, air-tight, and moisture-proof place

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