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Plastic & Metal Cutting Fluid Industry

  • 3Q-502 Metal Working Fluid Preservative
3Q-502 Metal Working Fluid Preservative

3Q-502 Metal Working Fluid Preservative

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  • Product description: Metal Working Fluid Preservative

3Q-502 Metal Working Fluid Preservative

  • Product Overview

Our company's 3Q-502 metal working fluid preservative is a bactericide used directly in the working fluid during the metal processing. It sterilizes broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, and could kill varieties of bacteria, fungi and yeasts. The degradation of important components in the metalworking fluid due to microbial contamination in metalworking fluids results in a decrease in the viscosity of the fluid and a change in the pH value, which in turn causes corrosion and leakage of the machining system. The anaerobic bacteria in the processing liquid and the sulphate-reducing bacteria have a good effect of suppressing and killing.

  • Technical index:




Blue-green transparent liquid

Content of active substance %


Density (25°C)g/ml

1.01 -1.06

pH (1% solution) t


  • Method of Application

Diluted directly with water added to the working fluid. PH value range 6-9.


1.     The amount of Metal cutting fluid is generally added 0.05% -0.15%;

2.     The amount of system cleaning and disinfection is generally 0.1% -0.15%;

3.     The amount of industrial cleaning agent is generally 0.1% -0.15% (final dilution).

Storage and transportation

25KG or 200KG plastic drum, or according to customer’s request.Store in a dry and ventilated warehouse to avoid direct sunlight. Storage period is 12 months.


This product should avoid directly contact with the eyes. Once contacted, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Do not delay! Do not allow prolonged contact with the skin.

Protective eyewear and anti-acid gloves should be worn for manual operation. 

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