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  • 3Q-601 CIT/MIT-14 Kathon Biocide
3Q-601 CIT/MIT-14 Kathon Biocide

3Q-601 CIT/MIT-14 Kathon Biocide

  • Kathon Biocide
  • CIT/MIT-14
  • CAS No. :55965-84-9
  • Molecular formula:C8H9ClN2O2S2
  • Product description: CIT/MIT-14 Kathon Biocide

3Q-601 CIT/MIT-14 Kathon Biocide

kathon cg is consist of 5-Choro-2methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one and 2-Methyl-4-isothiazolin-3-one(MI).By means of breaking the bonds of bacterium and Algal protein, kill the microorganisms.Once contact with microorganisms,can inhiBIT their growth of them rapidly and irreversibly, thereby results the death of  microbial cell,With the function of inhiBITing and killing towards Fungus, bacteria,yeast,algae.No residual, operation safety, good compatibility, strong stability,low usage cost.can be mixed with chlorine and anion and cation.Under high dose, it effects obviously towards biological slime stripping.

  • Description:

Item No.


Chemical Name

Kathon Biocide



Molecular formula


Molecular weight


Boiling Point

200.2°C at 760 mmHg

Flash Point


Vapor Pressure

0.328mmHg at 25°C

  • Characteristics:


Standard value

Test Method


Light yellow transparent liquid


Content of Active Substance (%)


HG/T 3657—2008

PH value (Stoste@25℃)

PH Value


HG/T 3657—2008

Density (@20g/cm3)


HG/T 3657—2008



HG/T 3657—2008

  • Application:

Broad-spectrum sterilization, high efficient,low toxicity,good degradability, Non oxidizing biocide.Widely used in oil field, paper making, pesticide,leather, ink,cosmetics, paints, water-based polymer, metal cutting fluids, adhesives, dyes, and paraffin liquid industry,Pesticide.Used for Industry disinfection and anti corrosion,coating anti corrosion,daily chemicals anti corrosion,Agricultural Fungicide,can also be used as the water treatment applications in the industries of petrochemicals, electricity, central air conditioning and industrial cooling water for the sterilization and algae removal purposes.

  • Dosage:

After formulated,according to the actual conditions, directly blend into the industry cycled water,using dosage see to seasons,environment,water source,

Generally add the product 80-200ppm, one time rush and blend,also will be  affected by the different infection degree of microorganism.

  • Recommended dosage:

Meal cutting working fluid: 50-100ppm

Comprehensive cleaning and disinfection: 50-100ppm

Industry cleaning agent: 50-100ppm(Final Diluent)

  • Processing meth:
blend with working solution directly.

  • Notice for Safety performance:

Strong Irritating to the skin, pay attention to safety protection.wear protective clothing ,rubber glove, eyeshade and mask. Avoid touch skin, eyes and mucous membrane directly. Use one week,will decomposed into Nontoxic CO2 and another substances, no pollution to environment.

  • Packing & storage:

25KG or 200KG Plastic barrel,IBC(1,000KGS) To be stored in a dark place and avoid sunshine.

Temperature under 40℃.During the storage, keep the products from Reducing metal (such as Metal, aluminum Etc) and oxidant and reducer.

  • Storage period: 12 Months.

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