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  • 3Q-642A  BIT 20 Industrial Fungicide - Aqueous Dispersion
3Q-642A  BIT 20 Industrial Fungicide - Aqueous Dispersion

3Q-642A BIT 20 Industrial Fungicide - Aqueous Dispersion

  • CAS No. :2634-33-5
  • Molecular formula : C7H5NOS
  • Chemical Name :Benzothiazole ketone/1,2-benzisothiazoline-3-one
  • Product description: Product description: BIT -20 Alkali resistance Preservative High temperature resistance Bactericide

3Q-642A Industrial Fungicide - Aqueous Dispersion


3Q-642A is an environmentally-friendly in-can preservative, which can help the aqueous system to avoid spoilage and degradation caused by inhiBITing bacteria, fungi, and yeast

2. Characteristic


off-white,white- brownish dispersion

PH Value


Density 20oC [g/ml]



a certain proportion of water soluble


1. Suitable for aqueous systems with high effective content

2. Free of formaldehyde, especially suitable for systems with strict requirements on formaldehyde

3. With a wide range of PH applications and suitable for alkaline formulations.

4. High temperature stability


1. Applications: Paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, metalworking fluids, etc.

2. Applicable temperature: ≤ 110oC

3. Applicable PH range: 3-13

4. Recommended dosage: 0.1%-0.3%


1. It can be added at any stage of production, but it is recommended to be added at the beginning of production to ensure complete dispersion in the system and to ensure excellent anti-corrosion effect.

2. It is recommended to verify the compatibility of products and formulations when developing new products and initial use.

6.Packaging & storage:

30kg / Barrel, stored at room temperature, shelf life of 12 months.

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