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  • 3Q-701 Lubricant Preservatives
3Q-701 Lubricant Preservatives

3Q-701 Lubricant Preservatives

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  • Product description: Lubricant Preservatives

3Q-701 Lubricant Preservatives

  • Product Overview

3Q-701 Lubricant Preservative is a powerful, broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, nontoxic green additive product. Has been promoted by the state in lubricants, preservatives for refueling, and is widely used in paints, coatings, papermaking and other aspects. The use of lubricating oil preservatives not only improves product quality, but also reduces costs, which in turn greatly extends product shelf life. 3Q-701 oil preservatives have strong adaptability to various bacteria, fungi and yeasts, which can inhiBIT and destroy the growth of these microbial strains, and can solve the problems of product deterioration, fermentation, mildew and bacteria caused by bacterial infections. Problems such as exceeding standards.

  • Technical index




Colorless or Light yellow liquid

Content of active substance %


  • Characteristic

1)Broad-spectrum, long-lasting killing of various bacteria, fungi and yeasts with low dosage.

2)a wide range of applicable pH, both antibacterial, sterilization double effect.

3)miscible with water, can be added in any process, easy to operate.

4)Preservatives have low toxicity and are completely harmless.

5)There will be no residual emissions and no cumulative pollution will be caused to the environment.

6)take into account the double effect of sterilization and antibacterial, the advantages of rapid and long-term.

7)Good compatibility with various emulsifiers, surfactants and protein components.

  • Storage:

3Q-701 lubricants with antiseptics in light, sealed, room temperature conditions for a shelf life of twelve months.

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