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  • 3Q-612 MIT-20 Industry Bactericide
3Q-612 MIT-20 Industry Bactericide

3Q-612 MIT-20 Industry Bactericide

  • Methylisothiazolinone
  • MIT- 20
  • bactericide
  • CAS No.: 2682-20-4
  • Product description: MIT-20 Industry Bactericide

3Q-612 MIT-20 Industry Bactericide

  • Description:

Methylisothiazolinone is a kind of preservative for cosmetics ,Widely used in daily chemicals,cosmetics,shampoo,detergent,personal care products,cleaning agent,cutting fluid,adhesive agent,Polymer emulsion,Pigment dispersion and another aqueous system.

  • Features:

Broad-spectrum sterilization, long lasting, kill various of Bacteria,Fungus and Yeast.

Suitable for wide PH value ran-ge,from 2.0 to 12.0.

Low Toxicity,Free of Formaldehyde,Non burning,no VOC,No residual emissions,using concentration is harmless.

Dissolve in water,good compatibility with Emulsifier, Surfactant and Protein.

  • Technical index :


Light yellow and transparent liquid

Content of active substance %




PH1% solution)



Good heat resisting property

  • Using method and Dosage:

General using concentration :0.05~0.40% in cosmetics and daily chemicals.

Can be blended in any working procedure,but when the temperature is above 50℃,can’t be added. Suggest to be add during the last procedure and temperature under 50 ℃。

Dosage depends on the storage environment of product and whether the product are easy to be eroded by Microorganism.

  • Storage:

25KG or 200KG Plastic barrel,IBC(1,000KGS) To be stored in a dark place avoid sunshine.Temperature under 40℃.During the storage, keep the products from Reducing metal (such as Metal, aluminum Etc) and oxidant and reducer.Storage period: 12 Months.

  • Safety performance and guard:

Wear protective clothing ,rubber glove, eyeshade and mask. Avoid touch skin, eyes and mucous membrane directly. Once touched,wash with clean water immediately, can’t delay. If necessary got to doctor.

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