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  • 3Q-301 Coating Tank Preservatives
3Q-301 Coating Tank Preservatives

3Q-301 Coating Tank Preservatives

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  • Product description: Coating Tank Preservatives

3Q-301 Coating Tank Preservatives

  • Product Overview

This product is Tianwei Chemical's latest high-performance preservative, suitable for latex paint, various types of water-based paint, high polymer emulsion. It can also be used to inhiBIT the growth of bacteria and fungi in the production and storage of printing inks and other aqueous organic products. The fungicide has been widely used in large-capacity storage emulsions. Its main ingredients are water-based paints and preservatives in tanks. A large number of experiments and practical applications have proved that it has excellent antiseptic effect on acrylic acid, polyvinyl acetate, polystyrene butyl ester and other copolymers, and it has excellent compatibility with inorganic compounds in these products.

Preservatives have the following advantages:

1. High activity range, can effectively inhiBIT bacteria (including Gram-positive, Gram-negative bacteria) mold, yeast, etc.;

2, excellent physical and chemical compatibility;

3, easy to use, low cost;

4, in the recommended use of low toxicity.

  • Technical index:


Typical value


Light green or colorless liquid

specific gravity25℃


Content of active substance %


Density(20℃) g/cm3

1.03  ±0.10


soluble in most organic solvents

Ph value


  • Instructions

It can be added directly during grinding or decanting. To ensure that the preservative can be dispersed evenly after addition, the emulsion and water must be thoroughly stirred. According to the different conditions of different products, the amount of fungicide should be adjusted accordingly, the general amount of 0.05 to 0.3%.

  • Storage:

This product should be stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse, to prevent direct sunlight, transport and storage above 5 °C.

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