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  • 3Q-405 Emulsion preservative
3Q-405 Emulsion preservative

3Q-405 Emulsion preservative

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  • Product description: Emulsion preservative

3Q-405 Emulsion preservative

  • Product Overview

3Q-405 Emulsion Antiseptic, broad spectrum sterilization, high efficiency, convenient and stable, directly added and used, safe and environment-friendly; not affected by anions and cations, zwitterionics and surfactants; low in dosage; applicable in a wide range of pH 2.0-9.0 Use; Miscible with water, can be added in any process, easy to operate; Compatibility with a variety of emulsifiers, surfactants and protein components; Does not contain formaldehyde, does not contain any heavy metals, sterilization and mildew significant. Long-term use will not produce drug resistance. Natural degradation will not produce toxic and harmful substances. Therefore, it will have no pollution to the environment and no emissions. It will not burn, it will be easy to transport, and it is easy to use.

  • Technical index:
Items Specification
Appearance Light yellow liquid
Content of active substance % ≥10%
Ph value 3.06.0

  • Packing & storage:

25KG or 200KG plastic drum, or according to customer needs. Store in a dry and ventilated warehouse to avoid direct sunlight. Storage period is 12 months.

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