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  • 3Q-503A\B Antifreeze Antiseptic
3Q-503A\B Antifreeze Antiseptic

3Q-503A\B Antifreeze Antiseptic

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  • Product description: Antifreeze Antiseptic

3Q-503A\B Antifreeze Antiseptic

  • Product Overview

3Q-503A\B antifreeze antiseptic is a composite coolant additive of organic acid-HC technology. The coolant added to this product has good anti-rust and anti-corrosion effects on the metal of the cooling system of light and heavy vehicles and equipment. Cast aluminum, cast iron, steel, copper, rubber, plastic, etc. all have very good anti-corrosion function. This product is green and biodegradable. Mainly used in rust-proof, anti-corrosion and anti-aging of ethylene glycol coolant.

  • Technical index:




Transparent liquid


Light yellow liquid


weak alkaline

Density(20℃) g/cm3


Water soluble

completely soluble in water

Boiling point


freezing point


  • Packing & storage:
25kg, 200kg plastic drums, stored in dark and ventilated place, storage temperature 0-45 °C, after use, pay attention to closed, storage period of 12 months.

  • Notice for Safety performance

This product should avoid direct contact with the skin and eyes! Once in contact, flush with plenty of water immediately. In case of serious contact, it should be sent to the doctor promptly. Manual operation should wear protective goggles and anti-alkali gloves.

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