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    Bronopol Preservatives

    Bronopol Preservatives

    1. 3Q-652 Bronopol-20 is high efficiency, with broad-spectrum antibacterial activity,
    2. Bronopol Preservatives is low consumption and low price. the cost is more than half that of parabens;
    3. Bronopol is suitable pH range. It is effective in the range of pH 4-9,
    4. Bronopol 20% is easy to dissolve in water, which is extremely convenient to use.
    5. BNP is good compatibility. Nutritional ingredients such as protein and various cationic, anionic and non-ionic surfactants will not affect its antibacterial effect;

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  • Bronopol Biocide

    Bronopol Biocide

    1. Bronopol 99% is white powder, Bronopol can be used as a preservative for cosmetics.
    2.Bronopol Biocide is added to cosmetics such as shampoos, balms and creams, and the sterilization concentration in cosmetics is 0.01% -0.02%. It can also be used in detergents and fabric treatment agents.
    3. Bronopol Biocide can effectively control a variety of plant pathogenic bacteria. Cotton seed treatment can prevent cotton black arm disease and bacterial blight caused by cotton leaf spot disease.
    4. Bronopo-99 is harmless to cotton. Can also be used for rice blight. The recommended concentration is 800 ~ 1000mg/L

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