Bronopol Biocide

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  • Bronopol Biocide
  • Bronopol Biocide
Bronopol Biocide
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1. Bronopol 99% is white powder, Bronopol can be used as a preservative for cosmetics.
2.Bronopol Biocide is added to cosmetics such as shampoos, balms and creams, and the sterilization concentration in cosmetics is 0.01% -0.02%. It can also be used in detergents and fabric treatment agents.
3. Bronopol Biocide can effectively control a variety of plant pathogenic bacteria. Cotton seed treatment can prevent cotton black arm disease and bacterial blight caused by cotton leaf spot disease.
4. Bronopo-99 is harmless to cotton. Can also be used for rice blight. The recommended concentration is 800 ~ 1000mg/L

3Q-651 Bronopol 99 /2-Bromo-2-nitro-1,3-propanediol ( Bronopol ) 

The main ingredient of 3Q-651 is 2-Bromo-2-nitro-1,3-propanediol , bronopol biocide is widely used in agriculture, water treatment, cosmetics, petroleum industry, deodorant, pharmaceutical industry and other industries.It can also be used as a softener component for textiles, leather preservatives, and lubricants for cooling Preservatives, cut flower preservatives,germicidal foamed polyvinyl chloride raw materials.


Item No.3Q-651 Bronopol 99
Chemical Name2-Bromo-2-nitro-1,3-propanediol  (Bronopol)
CAS No.52-51-7
Molecular weight200
Melting Point123-130°C 
Moisture0.5% max 

(1) high efficiency, with broad-spectrum antibacterial activity, can inhibit the growth of most bacteria at a concentration of 25ppm, and has a better effect on Gram-negative bacteria and various types of pseudomonas;
(2) Low consumption and low price. In cosmetics, the dosage is generally 0.01 to 0.05%, which is one-tenth of the parabens commonly used in cosmetics, and the cost is more than half that of parabens;
(3) Good compatibility. Nutritional ingredients such as protein and various cationic, anionic and non-ionic surfactants will not affect its antibacterial effect;
(4) Suitable pH range. It is effective in the range of pH 4-9, that is, it can maintain a strong antibacterial effect after being added to the environment in weak acidity, neutrality and alkaline.

(5) Good water solubility and easy to use. It is easy to dissolve in water, and the solubility in water is 25g at 25 ° C, which is extremely convenient to use.


Other specifications are in compliance with the standards of British Pharmacopoeia version BP98.

Applications :

It is widely used in industrial circulating water, biocide,germicide, paper pulp, paint, plastic, timber-cooling circulating water,Pesticide,Agricultural Fungicide and other industries . In addition, it can be used to prevent daily-used cosmetic products from moldly and corrosion.

Package & Storage:

The product is packaged in 25kg/drum or 25kg/bag ,and then wrapped in pallets to ensure the cargos are not damaged during transportation.

CAS 52-51-7

Company Profile:

Dalian Tianwei Chemical Co.Ltd has been specialized in bactericides, antiseptics,preservatives and anti-mold agents for more than 20 years, and we’re confidence to provide our customers with high quality products and better services.

our main products are CMIT/MIT, MIT, BIT, OIT, DCOIT, BRONOPOL, DBNPA, PCMX, PHMB series products and corresponding formula products. As antibacterial agent and preservatives, they can be widely used in daily chemical products, personal care products, petrochemical industry, electric power, central air conditioning circulating water treatment, paper and pulp, coating and interior and exterior wall latex paint, metal cutting Fluids, lubricant processing fluids, textile printing and dyeing, PVC plastics, wood products, leather and other industries

We have established long-term and stable cooperative relations with customers in more than 20 countries around the world

Bronopol 99%


Transport Mode:

Multiple transportation methods can be selected,Including sea transport, land transport, air transport and rail transport,We can arrange the shipment according to the shipping method required by the customer. Let our customer receive our products as fast as possible.

bronopol preservatives

Quality Testing Center:

Dalian Tianwei Chemical Co.,Ltd has strict requirements on product quality, In order to control the quality of our products, the production department performs product quality inspection on each batch of cargo produced with advanced equipment for testing and manufacturing.

Before our new customer places an order , we can send the sample for your testing . We ensure the quality is the same as bulk quality.

CAS 52-51-7

Our Service:

We have established long-term cooperative relationships with more than 20 countries customers around the world, and our products are exported to America, Southeast Asia, East South Africa, Netherland, Singapore, Brazil, Dubai, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Chile, Nigeria, Japan, South Korea etc.

Over 20 years’ experience make us expertise in industrial biocide, preservatives and mold inhibitor, and we’re confidence to provide you with high quality products and also good services. Over the years, our company has won identical praise from our customers. Dalian Tianwei Chemical Co., Ltd. is your trusted partner.

Bronopol 99%

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