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  • Characteristics and advantages of dibromonitrilopropionamide (DBNPA)

    Dibromonitrilopropionamide (alias dibromocyanoacetamide, DBNPA for short) is a new and efficient bactericidal algaecide and water treatment agent. The material has the advantages of high-efficiency broad spectrum, easy degradation, no residual residue, no pollution to the environment, and at the same time,

  • How to classify water treatment agents

    The water treatment agent includes a corrosion inhibitor, a scale inhibitor, a bactericide, a flocculant, a purifying agent, a cleaning agent, a pre-filming agent, and the like. In practical applications, a composite formulation of a water treatment agent or a combination of various water treatment agents is often used.

  • Do you know about industrial fungicides?

    For industrial biocide, most of the use is still used in the maintenance of industrial production and industrial products, and we do not use much in daily life

  • What effect can be the use of preservatives in ceramic printing inks

    Ceramic ink, as its name implies, is mainly used in ceramics. Although it has played a great role in ceramics, some problems often occur, especially in summer, and it is easy to appear fermentation and moldy deterioration, which reduces performance and affects use. The use of ceramic coating preservatives can change this situation.

  • Sanitary wipes and disinfection wipes to kill microorganisms indicators

    The killing index requirements in the group standard: the log killing value should be ≥5.00 (suspension method), the killing log value should be ≥3.00 (carrier method), and the disinfection field test killing log value should be ≥1.00.

  • Classification of textile antibacterial performance test methods

    The test of antibacterial properties of textiles is divided into quantitative test methods and qualitative test methods, and quantitative test methods are the most important.

  • The role of preservatives in coatings

    Coating preservative refers to a kind of additive that can inhibit the decay of microorganisms in coatings and prevent the coating from breaking and deteriorating. The coating materials contain moisture and nutrients, which are highly susceptible to bacterial contamination, which causes the latex paint to have reduced viscosity, corruption, gas production and breakage. Preservatives are effective in sterilizing and preserving, and can extend the storage and shelf life of the coating. Ensure that the paint does not deteriorate or smell during storage.

  • Does Kathon have a promising future in agriculture? Can it be used as a preservative for pesticides?

    As a new type of high-efficiency preservative, Kathon has broad application prospects in many fields. There is also great prospects in agriculture, and the pesticide industry is also useful when preservatives are available. Kathon Preservative is a powerful, broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, non-toxic green additive. It has been widely used in the paper, pesticides, detergents, etc. by the state


    Anti-mold agents are now used in many places, whether it is latex paint or paint, if you want to achieve a long storage time, not moldy, not degenerate, paint anti-mold agent is essential.

  • The use of Kathon in cutting fluids, as well as precautions.

    What is the cutting fluid? The cutting fluid is simply a liquid used to cool a metal during the process of making a metal tool such as a tool. The detailed point is: an industrial liquid used for cooling and lubricating tools and workpieces during metal cutting and grinding.

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