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    Kathon preservatives are also very suitable for the sterilization and antiseptic of industrial circulating water systems, and have strong inhibition and elimination effects on common bacteria, fungi, yeasts, and algae. Moreover, the sterilization efficiency is relatively high, the degradability is relatively good

  • What is bacteria? What is the morphology of the bacteria?

    Bacteria are a class of prokaryotic microorganisms. They are a kind of prokaryotic organism with short shape, simple structure and multi-divisional reproduction. It is the most widely distributed organism in the natural world and the main body of natural material circulation. By Bacterial reproduction

  • paint anti-mold agent is an indispensable agent for steriliaztion and anti-corrosion in paint

    The application of paint in our daily lives is very common, bringing aesthetics and protecting the outer layer. In the paint, a potion is used, which is a paint mold inhibitor. Using it, it can achieve an unparalleled anti-mildew effect.

  • Bronopol does not belong to the "formaldehyde release" fungicide

    Bronopol is a class of high-efficiency, broad-spectrum preservatives with the following distinct advantages: Bronopol at a concentration of ppm can effectively kill bacteria

  • Microbial hazard of waterborne metalworking fluid

    There are many types of microbes in jet fuel, which can be divided into three categories.

  • Talking about the microbial hazard of waterborne metalworking fluid

    There are a large number of various microorganisms in the metal working fluid

  • How to add anti-mold fungicide to water-based paint?

    Mainly refers to physical blending, which is the easiest and most common method. Regardless of the form of the mold-proof fungicide (solid, powder, liquid, etc.), it is only a physical mixture when added to the paint. Therefore, the efficacy of the mold-proof fungicide is not only related to its own efficacy, It is also closely related to particle size, degree of dispersion, and the like.

  • pulp biocide in papermaking process

    Modern papermaking mostly uses vegetable fiber cooking and pulping or pulp paper as the main raw material pulping process. Mortar is mainly caused by microorganisms, including filamentous bacteria from water, algae and mold in the air, and a large number of bacteria in waste paper. At the same time, a large number of chemical additives added in paper production, such as: Glues, starches, dyes and fillers are rich in nutrients, which provide abundant food for these microorganisms. In addition, the papermaking process can provide temperature and environment suitable for microbial reproduction, and microorganisms can grow and multiply once they are intervened. When microorganisms grow, they often adhere to the surface of the object (pipes, pool walls, etc. of the slurry process) to form biofilms

  • Indispensable paint antifungal agent in paint

    Paint anti-mold agent is mainly used in anti-corrosion products in paints and paints. It is essential in paint and can achieve good anti-corrosion effect. At the same time, it also has a strong bactericidal ability, and its use is also very extensive.

  • Why add preservatives to cosmetics?

    Daily chemical products, especially creams and lotions, need to be in contact with the face and skin for a long time.

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