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  • Characteristics and advantages of dibromonitrilopropionamide (DBNPA)

    Dibromonitrilopropionamide (alias dibromocyanoacetamide, DBNPA for short) is a new and efficient bactericidal algaecide and water treatment agent. The material has the advantages of high-efficiency broad spectrum, easy degradation, no residual residue, no pollution to the environment, and at the same time,

  • Glass water preservative-Kathon

    Speaking of glass water, it is a product that car owners often buy and use. In layman's terms, glass water is mainly used to clean the windshield. After many users have used the glass water for a period of time, black spots and deterioration will appear in the glass water, which affects the purchaser's use. That's because the produced glass water does not have good anti-corrosion properties. It is recommended that glass water manufacturers use Kasson products for anti-corrosion.

  • Why paint paint is easy to deteriorate

    1. What are the main components of paints and coatings? The main components of    paint include the following five parts:   Oil: including dry oil and semi-dry oil, is one of the main film-forming substances.    Resin: Including natural resin and artificial resin, it is also part of the main film-forming material.    Pigments: Including coloring pigments, extender pigments and anti-rust pigments. There are quite a variety of specific types, and they are secondary film-forming substances.    Thinner: Including solvents and diluents, used to dissolve the above substances and adjust the consistency, as an auxiliary film-forming substance.    Accessories: including drier, curing agent, plasticizer, moisture-proof agent. It also belongs to auxiliary film-forming substances.

  • Current Status of Domestic Research on the Stability of In Vitro Diagnostic Reagents

    At present, most companies have begun to attach importance to stability research content in the research and development process, but some companies still have many problems in the stability research materials submitted during the product registration process. like:

  • Comparison of commonly used preservatives in in vitro diagnostic reagents

    ​The stability of in vitro diagnostic reagents is the key to restricting the marketization of products. There have been a number of patents on preservatives for in vitro diagnostic reagents abroad, but the domestic is still in the exploration stage

  • The upper and lower limits of bacteria size

    Microorganisms refer to tiny organisms that are invisible or invisible to the naked eye. So, how big and small can microorganisms be? When reading this article, you can refer to a previous blog post: What is the largest bacteria found so far?

  • Sterilization, disinfection, antibacterial, antibacterial, unclear?

    What is sterilization (sterilazation, sterilant)? Refers to the process of using strong physical and chemical factors to kill or remove all pathogenic and non-pathogenic microorganisms in the external environment, including bacterial spores and fungal spores. It is an absolute concept. The effect is expressed by the sterilization rate, generally ≥99.9999%.

  • Analysis on market status and development prospect of China's coating industry in 2020

    The upstream industries of the coating industry include the manufacturing of chemical raw materials such as resin, solvent, pigment, filler and additives, while the upstream of chemical raw materials such as resin and solvent is the petrochemical industry. The downstream of the coating industry is mainly construction, furniture, automobile, household appliances and other production enterprises and home decoration market.

  • Special sterilization and algaecide for central air-conditioning

    The antiseptic and algaecide products produced and sold by our factory are very popular in the current market, and its use effect is also very good. Our factory's central air-conditioning antiseptic and algaecide products are attracting public attention.

  • Preservatives play a decisive role in the washing industry

    Preservatives play a decisive role in the washing industry. Nowadays, preservatives can be said to be unique. It is found in various fields. The effect of preservatives is powerful and the coverage area is vast. Because of this, preservatives It is more common in the washing and daily chemical industry. Preservatives are so magical that we say, so what are their specific effects? Today I will introduce to everyone.

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