Application of isothiazolinone in laundry detergent and laundry gel beads

In recent years, in addition to our commonly used traditional laundry detergent, another innovative laundry product-laundry gel beads, has a unique low-foam concentrated color-locking formula, which is easier to rinse, and the beads dissolve in water without residue, and are effective Quickly remove stubborn stains and make clothes clean as new

laundry detergent biocide

A Japanese customer of our long-term cooperation in the production of laundry detergent has been purchasing methyl isothiazolinone from us for use in the laundry detergent. After they started to produce new types of laundry gel beads, they added new orders for the production of laundry detergent. Condensed beads, added as a preservative

laundry gel beads

The use effect of our products has been deeply praised by customers. Recently, customers are developing laundry detergents with antibacterial functions. We have mailed samples of PCMX to customers and are undergoing testing.

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