How to choose cosmetics preservatives?


Preservative manufacturers Cosmetic preservatives how to choose to use? Cosmetic preservatives refer to substances added to cosmetics for the purpose of inhibiting the growth and reproduction of microorganisms in cosmetics. Cosmetic preservatives are classified in different ways. Common cosmetic preservatives are benzyl alcohol, benzoic acid, salicylic acid, boric acid, sorbic acid and other alcohols, aldehydes and other substances

1. The statement that "cosmetic preservatives are carcinogenic and teratogenic" is not credible, and cosmetics added with preservatives will not cause harm to the human body according to the "Cosmetic Safety Technical Code".

2, the statement of "cosmetic preservatives sensitization" is also inaccurate, the use of cosmetics allergy is usually because the consumer's own sensitive skin, and the sensitization source is not necessarily the preservative in the product.

3, the "no preservative products" on the market are mostly the concept of merchants for hype, and absolutely preservative-free cosmetics do not exist.

4, consumers do not need to talk about "rot" color change, we are really vigilant should be excessive addition of preservatives and the use of illegal additives. Therefore, consumers must buy cosmetics from regular channels.

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