How to do the operation of spring emulsion mildew prevention work


This product is widely used in emulsions, building materials, coatings, power plants, textiles, papermaking, leather, oil fields, industrial additives,circulating cooling water, industrial sewage treatment and other water-based products.


1. Broad-spectrum and long-lasting killing of various bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

2. Miscible with water, can be added in any process, easy to operate.

3. Does not contain formaldehyde and VOC. It is non-toxic at the concentration used.

Physical and chemical indicators :

Project Index
Appreancelight yellow liquid
pH value

2 to 5

Density (25℃.g/cm3)

StorageAvoid sunlight, shade

Anti-corrosion and mildew-proof effect:

Concentration (%)Inhibition zone for mold (mm)Bacterial inhibition zone (mm)

Packing: 1.0Kg×15 bottles/box    25Kg/barrel

Instruction: This product should be fully stirred when adding and placing. It should be added after diluting the stock solution more than 10 times with water, or adding it according to the production needs.

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