Outstanding anti-mold agent: isothiazolinone


Isothiazolinone is referred to as isothiazolinone, which is a kind of antiseptic and mildewproof agent. Different contents are used in different industries. Kason has the dual function of bacteriostasis and sterilization, and has strong bactericidal power against bacteria, mold and various miscellaneous bacteria. Casson directly added use; It is not affected by anions, zwitterions and surfactants.

Application field

Isothiazolinone is mainly used in detergents, antifreeze, hand sanitizer, glass water and so on.

Third, performance characteristics

1, long-term kill a variety of bacteria, fungi and yeast, low dosage.

2, a wide range of applications PH2.0-9.0 can be used.

3, miscible with water, can be added in any process, easy to operate.

4, good compatibility with various emulsifiers, surfactants and protein components.

5, no formaldehyde, no VOC, no residue emissions.

6, no burning, easy to transport, easy to use.

4. Reference dosage

The amount of isothiazolinone added is 0.05-0.3%, that is, 0.5-3KG per ton of product added.

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