Paint anti-fungal agent has strong ability to kill bacteria, prolong the shelf life of paint coating


Paint coatings are familiar to every household. When decorating a house, a large amount of paint products will be used. In the paint, an anti-corrosive product will be used to sterilize and extend the paint shelf life. That is paint anti-mold agent.

Paint anti-mold agent 3Q-301B Water-Based System In-can Preservative essential for the paint factory, it has very superior stability, can be effectively sterilized, has a strong ability to kill the mold, and has a wide range of activities. Paint anti-fungal agents are highly suitable and can be used in almost all paints, including acrylics, polyvinyl acetates and other emulsions.

The paint mold inhibitor is very simple to use, it is a liquid, so it is easy to add to latex paint or paint. Paint anti-mold agent is low in toxicity and can be used within the specified range without causing any harm to the human body.

Nowadays, all kinds of paint factories choose paint anti-mold agents, which is considered from a long-term perspective. It is a good experience for users, and it is a kind of image for manufacturers.

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