paint anti-mold agent is an indispensable agent for steriliaztion and anti-corrosion in paint



The application of paint in our daily lives is very common, bringing aesthetics and protecting the outer layer. In the paint, a potion is used, which is a paint mold inhibitor. Using it, it can achieve an unparalleled anti-mildew effect.


The paint anti-fungal agent has a strong stability when it’s added to the paint, and this anti-fungal does not cause undesirable phenomena such as yellowing, discoloration, ashing, cracking, etc., and can effectively perform sterilization. Paint mold inhibitors are highly suitable and can be used in almost all paints, including acrylics, polyvinyl acetates and other emulsions.


Paint mold inhibitors are simple to use and are in liquid form, so they are easy to add to latex and paint formulations. Paints that use anti-fungal agents eliminate the need to worry about mold and deterioration.

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