Plastic Antibacterial Agent


Our company produces ABS plastic antibacterial agent PP plastic antibacterial agent PE plastic antibacterial agent, which is the third generation antibacterial agent after the first generation of organic antibacterial agent and the second generation of inorganic antibacterial agent, with independent intellectual property rights. It has high (effective), fast (speed), wide (spectrum), (long) long-term antibacterial and mildew resistance. It has good compatibility with rubber and plastic systems and has been widely used in rubber and plastics industries such as polyethylene, polyurethane, resin and silicone gum.



1. Affordable: The product is efficient, the amount of addition is small, and the effect is obvious.

2: Broad-spectrum sterilization: quickly kill E. coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus aureus, mold, etc. up to 99%.

3: Good thermal stability, high temperature resistance, no discoloration.

4: Does not change the original processing technology of plastics, nor does it change the original function, color and strength of the products.

5: Long-lasting effect: antibacterial life is synchronized with product life

6: Good compatibility and dispersion.

7: Safe and non-toxic, free of heavy metals and no pollution to the environment.

8: Non-toxic: The active ingredients have been certified by SGS, CDC and other authoritative departments.

9: Dispersion uniformity: The parts with plastic antibacterial agent are added, and there are no solid particles visible on the surface.

Application areas:

1: Currently widely used in medical and health, daily necessities, building materials, chemical materials and other fields.

2: Home appliances: refrigerators, washing machines, rice cookers, televisions, cameras, etc.

3: Chemical building materials: plastic pipes, toilet facilities, bathtubs, toilets, non-slip mats, plastic flooring, etc.

4: Electronic products: telephones, fax machines, mobile phone cases, computers, mice, etc.

5: Medical and health: hospital facilities, medical equipment, disposable gloves, etc.

6: daily necessities: razors, calculators, toys, stationery, furniture, buckets, cups, etc.

7: Automotive industry: door handles, dashboards, steering wheels, glove boxes, etc.

8: Packaging industry: beverage bottles, drinking buckets, packaging films, etc.

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