the transport of mildew prevention agents


5. Pay attention to the driving of vehicles carrying dangerous goods, should be set up GB13392-92 "Road Transport of Dangerous Goods Vehicle signs". The car must strictly abide by the traffic, fire, public security and other laws and regulations, should control the speed, keep the distance from the car in front, in case of circumstances, slow down in advance, avoid emergency braking, prohibited illegal overtaking, to ensure driving safety.

6. Attention should be paid to the leakage of dangerous goods in the process of shipment, according to the different nature of dangerous goods, should be properly handled. If the explosives are scattered, move them to a safe place, repair or change the packaging, wet the leaked explosives in time, and ask the local public security fire personnel to deal with it; When the tank storing compressed gas or liquefied gas leaks, it should be moved to the ventilated area and watered to cool the leaking cylinder; When liquid ammonia leaks, it can be immersed in water. Other highly toxic gases should be immersed in lime water. When flammable solid materials are scattered, the scattered packaging should be quickly moved to a safe place. Yellow phosphorus should be immersed in water immediately after being scattered. Metal sodium and potassium must be immersed in an iron bucket filled with kerosene or anhydrous liquid paraffin. In case of flammable liquid leakage, the leakage should be placed upward in time, and moved to a safe and ventilated place to repair or replace the packaging. The leakage should be swept away after the yellow sand and dry soil cover.

7. Please note that vehicles parked and loaded with dangerous goods shall not be parked in schools, organs, markets, historical sites and scenic spots. If loading and unloading operations or temporary parking are necessary in the above areas, safety measures shall be taken and the consent of the local public security department shall be obtained. Parking should be guarded, idle personnel are not allowed to approach the vehicle, so that the car in the people, to ensure the safety of vehicles.

8. Pay attention to cleaning the car after the dangerous goods are unloaded, the residue on the car should be cleaned, and the vehicles and tools contaminated by dangerous goods must be washed and cleaned. It is strictly prohibited to ship food, medicinal articles, feed, animals and plants without thorough detoxification.

During the transport of dangerous goods, the goods are prone to accidents endangering life and property loss due to combustion, explosion, corrosion, poisoning and radioactivity, or due to friction, vibration, impact, exposure to the sun or temperature and humidity and other external factors. The dangerous goods transport vehicles should be protected in time during the transport. Avoid human accidents.

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