The advanced way of latex paint preservative


What is the preservative of latex paint?

First, latex paint fungicide is a high-performance anti-corrosion fungicide, which has a strong killing effect on bacteria, fungi and algae. Is the paint, inner and outer wall latex paint and emulsion preservation period of sterilization and anti-mildew, and can prevent the degradation of microorganisms, to ensure the stability of the viscosity of water-based products.

Second, product characteristics

01, good performance: the use of low concentration, strong bactericidal power, in 0.10-0.15% dosage can kill a variety of bacteria, mold growth.

02, many kinds of sterilization: high antibacterial activity, with sterilization function. It has remarkable effect on bacteria, mold, yeast and various miscellaneous bacteria.

03, stable: not affected by negative, cationic, zwitterionic and non-ionic surfactants, the bactericidal effect is unchanged in the PH range.

04, peace of mind: the effect is mild, no stimulation.

3. Scope of application

Latex paint fungicide is a bactericidal, anti-corrosion and mildew protection during the storage period of paint, interior and exterior wall latex paint and emulsion, and can prevent the degradation of microorganisms.

4. Methods of use

Latex paint fungicide should be fully stirred when adding. To dilute the original solution with water more than 10 times before adding, or according to the production needs to use the appropriate method to add.

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