The Cutting Fluid Preservatives & Biocide


Cutting fluid fungicide .This product is a broad-spectrum high-efficiency fungicide, a complete microbial protectant for metalworking fluids. This product is made from Liyuan Chemical's proprietary technology. A new generation of broad-spectrum and compound fungicides are widely used in the metal cutting industry.

Performance characteristics:

1. Sterilization is very broad-spectrum, and it has special effects on rust bacteria, Legionella, hydrogen sulfide-producing bacteria, mold, algae and yeast.

2. Good compatibility with cationic anions, nonionic surfactants, proteins and other industrial additives.

3. Applicable pH range pH 3.0-10.0, good stability, the active ingredients are stable under high and low temperature conditions.

4. does not contain heavy metals, low toxicity, no mutagenicity, no allergic variability, does not pollute the environment.

5. no corrosion to metal, and has anti-corrosion function. Application: It is especially suitable for anti-corrosion and sterilization of metal cutting fluids.


Usage: In the aqueous system such as metal cutting fluid, the concentration is generally 0.2-0.3%. Depending on whether the product is susceptible to microbial attack and the storage environment of the product, the exact amount of the specific formula can be tested by our chemical microbiology technology center. inferred.


Note: This product can be added in any process, but should be avoided at 90 degrees or above. It is recommended to add less than 80 degrees. Wear protective clothing, rubber gloves and eye masks and masks to avoid contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes.


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