What are the standard use of preservatives?


Preservative manufacturers tell you what standard preservative use? The "Health Standards for the use of Food Additives" strictly stipulates the types, quality standards and added doses of preservatives, but it is very regrettable and extremely worrying that many food production enterprises have violated the law, illegally used and abused food preservatives. It is mainly manifested in the following three aspects:

(1) Use preservatives in large doses.

(2) The use of cheap but toxic preservatives.

(3) The use of spoiled meat for sausages, in order not to affect the appearance of sausages and cover up the truth of deterioration, formalin is used as a preservative.

The use of preservatives has strict regulations, and it is clear that preservatives should meet the following standards:

1. Reasonable use is harmless to human health;

2, does not affect the digestive tract flora;

3. It can be degraded into normal components of food in the digestive tract;

4, does not affect the use of antibiotics;

5, the heat treatment of food does not produce harmful ingredients. So far, only 32 kinds of food preservatives have been approved, among which benzoic acid and sorbic acid are commonly used.

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