triazine cas 4719-04-4

  • Triazine Biocide

    1. Triazine Biocide can be dissolved in deionized water and standard hard water (3mmol Ca ion/l) in any proportion, soluble in water alcohol and propylene glycol. 2. Triazine biocide uses hexahydro-1,3,5-tris (hydroxyethyl) himetriazine as the main active ingredient. It is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, low-toxic antiseptic and mildew fungicide. 3. Triazine can act alone or in combination with other active ingredients. 4. Triazin can be used alone or in combination with other fungicides. It is mainly used in oil industry, paper industry, metal processing industry (cutting fluid, grinding fluid, rolling fluid), coating industry and electroplating industry.

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