Application of fungicides in baby wipes


Use PHMB biocide to develop antibacterial daily necessities. When bacteria fall on the textiles treated by this product, the active substances contained in the product can be dissolved out by a small amount of water, and the bacteria can be quickly killed to achieve antibacterial, anti-worm, anti-mildew, The effect of not shrinking or compacting.



This product can easily develop all kinds of sterile and antibacterial wet wipes, sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, baby diapers, etc. It replaces other traditional disinfection methods such as high temperature and ethylene oxide, which not only reduces costs, but also Moreover, the problem of short validity period of traditional disinfection methods is solved. Because the product can be evenly linked with the fine fibers of the above-mentioned products, a thin polymer layer of antibacterial agent is formed on the surface, which can maintain a good state after sterilization and prevent secondary pollution. The performance of the product is quite stable, and the validity period can be up to two years, so that the produced sanitary napkins and other daily necessities can maintain a long-term sterile state.

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