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  • Octylisothiazolinone

    1. Octylisothiazolinone is Broad-spectrum antibacterial: 2. Octylisothiazolinone has a good ability to inhibit fungi, bacteria, molds and enzymes. 3. OIT preservatives is low toxicity and long-term effect: free of formaldehyde, no odor. 4. OIT biocide has strong bactericidal ability: It has a strong ability to kill mold, and its effect is obviously better than traditional mold inhibitors. It is a replacement product of traditional paint film mold inhibitors. 5. It's harmless to the environment: can be naturally degraded into non-toxic substances without causing environmental pollution.

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  • OIT Biocide

    1. 3Q-621 OIT-98 is a low-toxic, high-efficiency, broad-spectrum antifungal agent introduced by our company. 2. OIT biocide has a strong ability to kill mold, has a wide range of activity, has a slow-release effect, and prolongs the anti-corrosion and anti-fungal effect of the product. 3. OIT Biocide is obviously superior to traditional antifungal agents, it is a replacement product of traditional antifungal agents, and can achieve the ideal antifungal effect. 4. OIT Biocide can be widely used in many products such as coatings, paints, inks, lubricants, shoe polishes, leather chemistry, wood products and cultural relics protection.

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