oit biocide


    1. 3Q-623 OIT-10 has excellent effect on sterilization and antisepsis. 2. Kathon 893 biocide is widely used in coating and paints,inks,plastics,wood,Fiber products. 3. Our company has a professional production R & D team. and we have the key core technologies, the integration of the whole process of product research and development design, manufacturing, operation management. 4. Sales service to ensure our product quality and sales-after service. 5. Our annual output of this product is 800 tons, so we can guarantee a continuous and stable supply of products for our customers.

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  • Octylisothiazolinone

    1. Octylisothiazolinone is Broad-spectrum antibacterial: 2. Octylisothiazolinone has a good ability to inhibit fungi, bacteria, molds and enzymes. 3. OIT preservatives is low toxicity and long-term effect: free of formaldehyde, no odor. 4. OIT biocide has strong bactericidal ability: It has a strong ability to kill mold, and its effect is obviously better than traditional mold inhibitors. It is a replacement product of traditional paint film mold inhibitors. 5. It's harmless to the environment: can be naturally degraded into non-toxic substances without causing environmental pollution.

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  • Dichloroctylisothiazolinone

    1.Dichloroctylisothiazolinone is mainly used in PVC plastics 2. We have a professional R & D team for Dichloroctylisothiazolinoe.Dichloroctylisothiazolinone has mature production technology and stable product. 3. The customer's long-term experiments have proven that this product has a good effect in preventing algae growth in marine ship paint. 4. The annual output of DCOIT is 600 tons, which is available for customers at any time,production capacity to ensure stable customer supply.

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  • 4 5 Dichloro 2 N Octy 4 Isothiazolin 3 One

    1. 3Q-632 DCOIT-30 biocide is widely used in Paint,Coating,Polyethylene,polyurethane.plastic industry. 2. 4 5 Dichloro 2 N Octy 4 Isothiazolin 3 One can instead of the chemical compound like Poisonous Organic arsenic. 3. 4 5 Dichloro 2 N Octy 4 Isothiazolin 3 One has a good application in marine paint antifouling agents,which has effective antisepsis, sterilization and algae killing. 4. DCOIT biocide is cost-effective,Product quality is well received by domestic and foreign customers.

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