kathon wt

  • CMIT/MIT Isothiazolinoe

    1. Isothiazolinoe 14% has the function of spectrum sterilization, can inhibit mold.fungi and bacteria, 2. Kathon biocide has no drug resistance, the use cost is lower than the general preservatives in the market. 3. Isothiazolinoe has excellent physical compatibility, and has a wide pH range suitable for use. 4. Isothiazolinone can be naturally degraded into non-toxic substances without causing environmental pollution. 5. CMIT/MIT 14% can be widely used in oilfield、 dye leather tanning、papermaking、 pesticide、 cutting fluid、 leather、 ink、concrete admixture biocide in daily chemical field and microbial inhibitor. 6. We have a professional production R & D team. This product has mature production technology and stable product quality.

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  • Kathon WT

    1. Kathon WT has a strong inhibitory and killing effect on common bacteria, fungi and algae. 2. CMIT/MIT preservatives does not change the smell and color of cosmetics and external medicines 3. Kathon WT is not limited by temperature, preferably below 80 ° C, and more than 90% effective below 100 ° C 4. CMIT/MIT-14M is a broad-spectrum, highly effective,non-oxidizing biocide, low-toxic, 5. kathon antiseptic is widely used inwater treatment,oilfield, papermaking, pesticide, cutting oil, leather, ink, dye, tanning and other industries.

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